Policies & Positions

    We follow a suite of Policies, Codes and Standards, which address all our business activities across the supply chain.

    Our Codes –  such as the Plantations, Concessions and Farms Code – tell our teams what they need to do, while our Standards tell them how to do it.  All are developed in line with international standards, including BRC, IFC, RSPO and ISO guidelines.

    We’ve a series of Position Statements to provide information on topics we are asked about and to remain transparent in our operations. 

    Our Sustainability Policies and Positions

    Sustainable Palm Oil Policy

    Sustainable Palm Oil Policy

    Our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy sets out our commitments and our roadmap for our own plantations in Gabon and third-party sourcing.

    Plantations Concessions and Farms

    Plantations Concessions and Farms

    For Olam's own operations applied in conjunction with international sustainable development standards.

    Living Landscapes Policy

    Living Landscapes Policy

    Our Living Landscapes Policy supports a net-positive approach to sustainable development in agricultural supply chains.

    Animal Welfare Policy

    Animal Welfare Policy

    We recognise the importance of good animal farming practices and support high animal welfare standards.

    Our Position on Genetically Modified Organisms

    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become widely used in agriculture to improve crop yields and to increase resistance to pests and disease, with approvals granted by governments and regulators around the world. 

    Our Position on Human Rights and Labour

    As a global leader in food and agriculture, we acknowledge our role and responsibility to ensure respect for human rights in our operations and in our value chains across the world. 

    Ethics and Compliance

    Conducting business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner must be embedded in every aspect of Olam’s business.

    Reporting on Sustainability

    Olam believes that Sustainability should sit at the heart of the business. It is one of four key enablers to deliver our Strategic Plan.

    We report against our sustainability goals in our Annual Reports, which are housed in the Investor Library. 

    We use the Global Reporting Initiative as a guidance framework, and endeavour to incorporate stakeholder focus areas.

    About Sustainability

    We recognise the importance of collaboration to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and make true impact across our sector. If you are keen to collaborate or have an idea to discuss, please contact our team.

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